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  • World Bank blog post: 10 trends in ICT and education
    Tags : gt3, education, ict, tice, game-based learning, mobile learning
    Discussion of 10 Global Trends in ICT and Education for 2010 and beyond ... The list is an aggregation of projections from leading forecasters such as the Horizon Report, personal observations and a good dose of guesswork.
  • Horizon report 2010
    Tags : gt1, gt3, apprentissage, education, ict
    In each edition of the Horizon Report, six emerging technologies or practices are described that are likely to enter mainstream use on campuses within three adoption horizons spread over the next one to five years. Each report also presents critical trends and challenges that will affect teaching and learning over the same time frame.
  • Learnovation
    Tags : gt1, gt3, apprentissage, education, ict
    The foresight activity of Learnovation is framed within its goal of building a new vision of technology enhanced learning in Europe, by means of a consensus process which overcomes traditional borders of education and training and addresses learning in a much broader perspective, centred on its role in innovation and lifelong learning implementation, and in light of a policy advising perspective.