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PREA 2K30 framework structure for the organization of interviews with experts



Our reflection takes 2030 as a horizon. In order to more easily spot important trends, we propose to structure each interview, devoted to a specific issue, in three steps.

  1. The past (20 years ago). What is at stake is to capture what illustrates best the way the issues was considered at that time

  • For research questions: what was the situation of research in the field at that time? What about theories, experimental results, envisioned perspectives?

  • For other problems : analysis of the situation, available indicators at that time

  1. The present (2010): What have been the main evolutions since 1995, the variables, events and factors having played a part in these evolutions?

  2. The future (20 years ahead). Elaborate possible long-term evolutions, based on what is perceived as strong tendencies, both in terms of evolutions and ruptures.

A sample of questions

  1. Please explain your position as an actor in your domain. Which links do you establish with teaching and learning issues in your domain?

  2. Twenty years ago, what were the most respected models and important issues? What were the perspectives? What was not known or practiced 20 years ago that is now known and mastered? What was considered as true and is now considered false?

  3. What, according to you has probably provoked these changes? Was it, according to you predictable or not? Are the causes of change internal or internal to your domain?

  4. Among the main changes, which, according to you have had an impact on education, learning, training, the working activities

  5. Today, in 2010, are these changes still active? What are today’s emerging issues? Which impacts are they liable to have on learning, education and training? How are those impacts (if any) measured? Which new forms of measurement seem necessary?

  6. What are the evolutions that you would predict in 2030? Which kind of rupture might interfere with what seem to be major trends? What are the most important questions to consider for the future?

  7. What are going to be the consequences in the field of research on education, training and learning?

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